Matt Stutzman Armless Archer firing a bow

Long-distance record in archery belongs to a man without arms

“Armless Archer” Matt Stutzman holds the world record in archery for furthest accurate shot.

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Matt Stutzman is a skilled archer who represents team USA in worldwide competitions.

On December 9, 2015, Stutzman set a new Guinness World Record in archery. More specifically, he now holds the record for “Furthest accurate distance – men’s archery.”

Stutzman hit a target that was a whopping 283.47 meters away, convincingly beating the previous record of “only” 200 meters. To put that in perspective, another world record holder Usain Bolt would need almost 30 seconds of sprinting at his fastest pace to cover that distance.

Oh, and Matt Stutzman has no arms. Did I mention that?

That’s right, his record-winning shot was achieved using his foot. Here’s how that looked:

Just before firing the winning shot, Stutzman cockily announced, “I have lot of dreams. One of my dreams is to break the world record, and that dream will come true today.”

Matt Stutzman was born without arms and had to learn how to do most things with his feet. It just so happened that, in Stutzman’s case, some of these “things” included becoming damn incredible at archery.

Known as the “Armless Archer,” Matt Stutzman was a member of the US Paralympic Archery Team in 2012, where he won a silver medal. Deciding that a mere silver medal wasn’t enough, Stutzman continued to practice in order to set his world record.

Incidentally, Matt Stutzman also holds the record for the most badass line ever spoken about dealing with adversity:

“I decided that since [my arms] weren’t going to grow back, I was just going to go forward with everything and not let anything get in my way or stop me from my goals.”

Hollywood, I believe you have your next superhero origin story right here!

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    1. Yeah. The “Day In The Life” video in one of the articles is also quite touching, as you see him play football with his kids and talk about what it means for him to be able to provide for the family. Inspiring guy, for sure!

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