Two twin girls in dresses infants

87 days between twins? That happened!

In 2012, twin girls Amy and Katie Jones-Elliott were born almost three months apart.

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Most twins are born minutes—or maximum hours—apart. They may end up with different birthdays, and that’s usually because they’re born around midnight.

But on rare occasions, twins can have a much longer interval between them. How long? Try over 12 weeks!

Case in point: Maria Jones-Elliott was pregnant with twin girls in 2012. On June 1, 2012, her first daughter Amy decided to enter this world on week 24 of Maria’s pregnancy—about four months too early. Amy was thus born premature and weighed a mere 540 grams. Needless to say, she went straight to intensive care where she remained for months.

Katie, on the other hand, figured that ventilators and incubators were decidedly less enjoyable than her mother’s comfy womb, so she resolved to stay in for another three months. Doctors tried to induce labor, but Katie stubbornly refused to join her sister.

It wasn’t until August 27, 2012, that Maria was finally successfully induced, giving birth to Katie about four weeks before the original due date. Katie went home less than a week after her birth, while Amy stayed at the hospital for almost two more months after that.

Against all odds and gloomy predictions, both girls made it through just fine.

As a bonus, the two of them will have quite a story to tell whenever someone asks why the twins are celebrating their birthdays almost three months apart.

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